Sunday, January 29, 2012

Garden Ready!!

Y'all know I am not a gardener. I like to play one on TV, or at least in my own back yard.  I've tried for years and years to be successful.  I get a teeny tiny better every season, but not enough to make my bank account any better.  But, it's about that time again, so we spent yesterday getting our two very humble raised gardens and pots ready for seed.  We typically buy the plant itself, but this year, we're starting from seed.  You never know,this could be our year. And if it's not, I've got a fall back plan, I've signed us up to be a part of a local CSA (community supported agriculture).  I'll be picking up a box of fresh fruits and veggies every Thursday that were grown on local farms.

This year, we just needed to get some compost to refurbish the soil we bought last year. $10/half load. Thanks Dirt Lady

Yep, it's steaming hot!
Breydon gardening in his PJ's
Lunch Break!!!  Beautiful day to grill some hot dogs
They're ready!  Still covered to protect from ornery dogs
Perfect Herb Pots

Time to relax and take a walk to the beach

Ornery Dog #1

Ornery Dog #2
Played in S**T all day, and still ended with this sunset


  1. I have got to get my garden ready. I play one on tv too lol. You did good with yours last year!! My herbs usually do well, I had a good run with jalapeños and a couple peppers, and cherry tomatoes in a pot usually do well for me too. The rest is usually a slap in the face lol.

    Can't wait to see your garden progress!

  2. Ok, so you'd think, by looking at my garden last year, that it did well. But it didn't really produce. A wise tomato farmer told us to just put our tomatoes in 5 gallon buckets so thats what we're doing this year. And only 2 cuke plants per bed. So we'll be cutting way back on what we're growing. cukes, tomatoes, peppers and onions. That's all. We'll see how that works out LOL. Let me know if you have any secrets.