Races and Training

2.29.12~ What a better day to start a new workout than LeapDay? So today I got my first very basic Crossfit introduction. I've spend at least 10 years working in gyms and this is a workout unlike any other.  It's really re-learning all movements.  Anyway, I was a bit surprised at how quickly my legs gave out on me while learning air squats.  I can run a half marathon with little trouble, but a few correct squats and I'm done.  

Like any other good workout, you are able to modify it to your personal fitness level, which I learned today, is much lower than I had anticipated. Can't wait to see what tomorrows WOD is, so I can hack that one to pieces just to make it slightly do-able.  

2.15.12~ So, update.  This is crappy, but you know that whole thing with me resigning my job? Well, when one does that, one tends to hold on to as much money as possible.  So, I won't be traveling to San Diego for the RNR in June. Bummer, I know.  But it's the wise decision.  On another note, been sick for 3 weeks and haven't run, bummer again. 
Good news is, I found a level 1 Crossfit trainer that is willing to start training me.  I'm super excited for this next phase of fitness.  Been wanting to do it for quite some time now and have been kinda intimidated.  But it's time to get my bad assness on!!

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