I'm a bit behind on posting some of my projects but I have been having so much fun hunting down good buys from yard sales or thrift stores and fixing them up. I even have two people on a wait list for different kinds of furniture.  Crazy!!  Anyway, so this first dresser, I found at Goodwill. And while it's beautiful as is, I knew throwing some paint on it would really add a lot of character:
 When I found this thing, I clung to it until an employee of goodwill came to me. I wasn't leaving its side I saw a couple other buzzards flying around so I wasn't letting it out of my sight. As I was checking out, one of the buzzards complimented me on my find...tee hee hee..

BP= before purchase

Very shabby chic :) after a couple coast of "old white" paint, lots of sanding and clear wax. It was very popular on Craigslist!

So my next find was out of a storage unit. I got a great deal on this and a very old table that has a Watertown Table Slide for its extension leaves.  I don't know exactly what that means, but we're still researching it.  In any case.  This dresser was heavy and dark and the hardware was broken.  But it was structurally in great shape, made out of pecan wood.  I think it turned out pretty well.  :


Better!  The color almost looks like driftwood, although you can't tell here. 

I still have a couple more pieces in my garage to tackle. We had a really good yard sale-ing day a couple weekends ago. But if anyone has heard of this watertown table slide system please let me know. It was sold separately from the table itself but the thing looks at least 100 years old to me.  I'll take some pics and post those as well. I hate to start working on it just to decrease the value. 

First one!

I bought some Annie Sloan Chalk Paint yesterday to see how I'd like it.  So far so good.  Not sure its much different than a flat color at this point but I'm not done with my first project.  I should be able to finish this tomorrow.  Depending on if I decide to do a wax coat.  I probably will at least on the top for durability.

this was acquired, by my husband, from a friends girlfriends house..or something.  anyway, this is the before
sides and legs are done.  painted in "old white"


  1. Omg, i think it is stunning!
    you are doing a fabulous job and the distressing is wonderful!

    Please consider using wax for protection on the top...
    it will absorb stains and easily mark,
    i would hate to see your hard work not protected!

    i cant wait to see what else you paint with these colors!

  2. Jeri, I did use wax on it, I put a couple coats and I may do one more just for good measure since it's a table top. I need to come up and get some dark wax though. I really wanted to put some in the grooves and seams but it's nowhere to be found around here. Maybe I'll make a trip up this weekend. I'm going out this weekend looking for inexpensive things to paint. LOL...I'M HOOKED!!