Wednesday, November 7, 2012

Soups On, Let's Chat

baked potato soup

What does soup have to do with politics?  Nothing and everything. I gotta say, I'm exhausted today. I stayed up late watching the election results.  Shortly after they came in there was an earthquake. Did y'all feel it?  It was so strong it shifted the Earth right off its axis.  It was the proverbial stomping from the losing team.  Politics, all the sudden feels about the same as college football. We're less concerned about the other guy winning than we are about our guy losing.

Over the past few months, I've sat in a dark corner politically (at least publicly).  I have a small business and I don't live in a forgiving area, so we "liberals" are closeted in this neck of the woods.  And I'm a military wife, which historically leans right. I will and probably have lost customers and friends.  But, while I was sitting in my dark corner, staying mum, I noticed a trend.  People backing a specific candidate weren't necessarily making their cases in the nicest ways possible.  Dear friends of mine have become bitter, snarky bullies.  These are people that live in 4-5 bedroom homes in the burbs, have 3 car garages, trade stock options on such a high scale they make $70K at the drop of a hat.  From the outside, they have very little to complain about.  But, it's a free country and you can complain.  I know, there are honest, hard working people, small business owners like myself, that are truly hurting.  They've been hurt by the economy or other mandates.  Those people, have been a pleasure to have conversations with because they have the stories and statistics to back their opinions. And I've learned a lot from them.   But the hate and the misinformation and the disrespect and the hate (oh did i say that already?), has become overwhelming.  If there were a yelling option on facebook, people would have lost their collective voices. Suddenly, when I came out, I was "insensitive and ignorant" because of who I supported.  To all of my friends, you have my word, that I have never, will never call anyone names for who they support politically.  No promises if you're sporting jean shorts (guys) or mock turtlenecks.  Then you're fair game.  But political affiliation is a protected class by birthright.

In the meantime, if you're so fed up with the government handouts and big government, lets do something about it.  New Rule:  If you live in a RED STATE, you can no longer receive any kind of government assistance (sorry Alabama, Mississippi, Kentucky, Georgia, Wva), to include welfare and food stamps.  You can no longer enjoy your food being assed by the FDA and your water and air by the EPA. Dear Alabama, I certainly hope you're not visited by a hurricane or tornado because FEMA will not be visiting you afterwards.  Count Dracula won't be teaching your children to count to 10..TEN MUAHAHAHA but thats ok, because they can't take advantage of federal student loans either. Hell, don't even go to the national parks.  Pretty sure those are federally funded.  Bummer. 

Anyway, That was all crazy talk wasn't it?  Guys... All two of you that are reading this, this kind of division is dangerous for our country.  A divided country looks  like a weak country to our enemies.  This is a time we have got to pull together. Not hope for our President to fail.  If he fails, you fail.  If he succeeds, we ALL succeed.  Lets bet ON him, not against him. You had your moment of disappointment.  No more hateful rhetoric.  Breathe and let it go. Harness your energy, use your powers and your passion for good.

So what does soup have to do with politics?  Literally nothing,  but pull up a chair and have some soup. Let's chat, respectfully, factually (and quietly) about our similarities, and our differences, in opinion.  We can begin to mend the wounds we've incurred over the last decade. I don't know about you but my friends are really smart. My friends from all sides of the isle and argument. And I look forward to future debates that are passionate yet fair, and quiet.  Shhhhh..  Simmer down y'all (pun intended)..

No, I did not get these brownies from Colorado or Washington