A little about me


I have tried for years to decide how to share my food experiences with everyone. I don't want to be a chef because the hours suck, don't want to cater because the hours...well..they suck too. So, I'll write, and I'll share, here on my blog.

I have been watching cooking shows since before it had a dedicated channel. I'm that person that reads menus for fun. I'm that person that thinks about what’s for dinner while I'm eating breakfast. You know that book about love languages?  My love language is food.  I feed those I love.  Well, I feed anyone, but I really take the time to feed the ones I love with the best food possible. 

I have been a military wife for 11 years now. We have a 12 year old son and 6 year old daughter. As I sit here typing, she comes in to show me what a good job she did cutting her strawberries. EEEK who gave her a knife? One of the things I'm most proud of is that they're rising foodies. They don't see it yet, but every time we go out to dinner and they declare "mom..you HAVE to try this", I know I'm molding members of the FFA. Nope, not that one, The Future Foodies of America. Has anyone looked into getting that sponsored in our High Schools? After all, food and eating is a universal experience isn't it. Hopefully we can convince everyone to slow down and taste how beautiful it can be.