Monday, January 30, 2012

Good Holly Wil(son) Hunting

 Thoughts, Changes and a Smoothie

strawberries, bananas, milk, greek yogurt, agave and ice
It's not often I have a mild panic attack on payday.  This is the day most of us anxiously await. This day, however, I'm finding it hard to breathe.  My chest even hurts a little.  No need to run to the phone and call for help. The pain and hyperventilation is completely self imposed.

I have been working as a manager for the same company for about 5 years now.  Thats a lifetime in military spouse years. Anyway, it's a great company, pretty good gig, but also quite stressful.  It was one of those situations where I could physically feel my blood pressure rising second to second.  As I sat in my office feeling my blood pressure rise, yelling into my computer, I couldn't shake the overwhelming need to be in the kitchen.  It's not the Donna Reed "I must be in the kitchen" feeling.  It's more of a "I want to play with my food" type feeling.

So guess what? After many months of planning and the support of my wonderful husband The Captain, not to mention some great enabling cheerleader type friends,  I got one last overpriced hair cut and color then resigned my position. And here I am, on a weekday, nowhere close (well kinda close) to my work email and blackberry NOT watching the money roll in. I'm hoping this isn't a mid life crises since I'm only 36.  I truly believe the Universe has something great in store for people that make these drastic moves based on a passion, and a little bit of skill.

Whats next?  I've had this blog for, mmm,.... I guess about a year and half now?  It's not wildly popular, hell,  it's not even mildly popular, but it's fun.  However, I think the last thing the virtual world needs is another food blogger.  There are already so many talented, creative and established ones that I do think that market is saturated. I also had full intentions of attending a local culinary arts program starting this summer, but I've already done the school thing. So I thought, what if I put myself through culinary school, here in my own kitchen. The Wilson Culinary Academy. I'll buy some textbooks and use course schedules borrowed from other culinary arts programs and even do an externship. And I'll blog the entire process.  Chapter 1- Safety and Sanitation!! Read along if you wish.

my first textbook. bought used for $30

Next step- CULINARY ARTIST!!!! So that's the plan for now.  I'm not sure how it'll turn out or what the end goal is but here's what I do know:  I'm not nearly as stressed. I get dinner on the table every night. I even get to make a real breakfast and pack lunch for the kids.  When they're done with school, I can play basketball or ride scooters with them. And, I get to talk to you guys much more often. Those things alone are worth the occasional payday freak out

But right now, I'm gonna drink my smoothie and not check email.

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  1. I'm catching up here & just read last 3 posts. You are awesome & I am so proud of you!!! That work stress feeling absolutely sucks, I remember it well. Good things will come for you! So excited about your culinary school! :)