Thursday, February 2, 2012

Yellow Thinking Shoes

I know I bought my text book used.  But I think there's a malfunction. There must have been a  mix up during printing.  Here I am, ready to start my next chapter "Menus and Recipes"  Sweet!!  Right up my alley. This will be a nice change from salmonella.  Everything was going smoothly. The first couple pages were really informative. It talks about the different types of menus: static, cycle, market..etc.Then, I flip the page and  BOOM!!!  MATH??????!!!!!

What the hell is up with that?  Ok first of all, if I'd really thought about it, I'd realize there is math in cooking. If you're one of those people that measure things.  I think they're called bakers?  That must be why those spoons and cups have numbers and fractions on them.   But this is for real math.  Weight and volume and grams and ounces, division, multiplication, thinking....ugh!

I really didn't think they'd hit me in the beginning of the book.  Doesn't hard stuff come towards the end of the book? It's textbook etiquette 101 people.

Oh but check this out.  Did you know that "dash", "bushel" and "peck" are real measurements? 
dash= 1/8 tsp
peck= 2 gallons
bushel=4 pecks

Although, Doris Day wouldn't have sounded so great singing "i love you 4 pecks and 2 gallons".  Click the link to listen to it if you've never heard it. tag :)

I'm gonna fly thru this chapter.  I don't suspect I'll need to make 165 servings of anything anytime soon. And if I do, I'll know which defected book to reference.  All I need are my yellow thinking shoes because they make me faster and if at all possible, smarter...
And my study buddies:
The cool kids..

Maybe they'll let me sit with them at lunch!

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