Friday, September 23, 2011

A Day Off ~ Sunbathing with Lipstick

This is day of #2 of a vacation I took for a very specific reason.  Now that reason has fallen through.  But, still taking the time anyway.  We all need it right?  Yesterday was day #1. Yet was only a pseudo day off because the 6 year old had a stomach bug so she was with me all day. should I spend these very few precious hours of quiet solitude?  Tonight, we're attending a function (the khaki ball for all my chief wives), so it wouldn't hurt to catch some rays before donning my one shoulder, Grecian inspired partayyy dress. Don't tell my dermatologist though. (oh that reminds me..i need to start hydrating now)
Orrr, I could clean the house and whittle away at the mountain of laundry.  I have a stack of recipes to organize but I've decided that's cold weather work. (It's still 90+ degrees in North Florida)
I could cook a little something, but no one is here to eat it.  That's no fun.
I've already made the pilgrimage to Target for the day.  Bought some kick ass 24 hour color stay lipstick.  Of course I had to try it on and they're not's not going anywhere.  Also bought the dog some breath fresheners, he really needs it.

I guess I'm left with cleaning or sunbathing.  Either way, my lips will be the color of "endless ruby".

I'll leave you with some pictures I snapped this morning.  If anyone disagrees that this is a beautiful sight, someone needs to pull a 3 stooges move on them and poke their eyeballs for they don't deserve to look at my ocean.

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