Monday, September 26, 2011

A Day at the "property"

My husband, aka "The Captain", finally got himself a piece of hunting land.  It's a bit of solitude in this otherwise tourist destination.  Just a few miles from the most beautiful beach in the country (you've seen the pics.. and if you didn't think it was beautiful, you can't read this because someone poked you in the eye at my request)

I can't wait to go out with him to set up feed plots and track deer and hogs, when the first chill hits the air and kills the flying, blood sucking teeth of course.  Hopefully my freezer full of fish will share space with venison and pork sausage in the next few wintery months.  Those will be some fun recipes to post :)

Going out to the "property" makes me wanna be back in the country. I miss the country. 

Now, I need to convince him to drop a well out there so I can have a little corner of the 1400 acres to grow some dadgum tomatoes..

Well, gotta go, last day of vacation and I have day full of nothing on my plate.  Gotta get crackin.

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